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Harsh Enterprises, Faridabad, Company

We, Harsh Enterprises, incorporated our organisation in the year 2010 with the goal to excel in all the services that we provide. In less than a year we have gained such popularity that clients from all over the world are choosing us over other exporters and service providers. In a few months' time we have diversified from fabric printing to developing hand embroidery, home furnishings and garments. This is proof enough of our excellent quality raw material, paints, colours, dyes, blocks, etc. and the state-of-the-art technologies that we employ. Our long list of products includes Ombre Fabric Dyeing, Multi colour Ombre Dyeing, Designer 4 Dimensional Dye, Colourful Tie Dye, Black and White Tie Dye, Digital Printing, Digital Foil Printing, Three Dimensional Dye, Designer Foil Printing, Hand Embroidery, Flock Printing, Floral Printing, Home Furnishing and Garments. We share a strong long lasting bond with all of our clients in all parts of the world like India, North Europe, Middle East and South/West Europe. We are known for our supreme quality raw materials, our vibrant colours, our exquisite fabrics, our designer patterns, our latest printing techniques, our radical and gorgeous furnishings, our endless variety of prints, our dedication to work and deliver on time and our precise customization skills. We, at Harsh Enterprises, believe in delivering exactly what the consumer asks for. Our team fully understands the needs and the requirements of our clients and leaves no stone unturned to provide them exactly what they demand. Our teams work with our clients till we achieve perfection and the clients are absolutely happy and satisfied.
Products And Services
Colorful digital printing
Our team of extremely skilled professionals ensure that all Colorful Digital Printing are precise and error-free. We leave no scope for mistakes and develop the finest prints available in the market. Our patterns are unique and exquisite and all the credit goes to our creative team who works day in...
Group: Full-color printing
Multi color ombre dyeing
Multi Color Ombre Dyeing is done using multiple dyes using different colours. Most commonly two colours are used but more can be used as well. This kind of dyeing is different because it gives the fabric not one but multiple colours that merge into one another. It is also known as gradient dyeing...
Group: Dyeing of fabrics
Ombre fabric dyeing
We provide Ombre Fabric Dyeing Services in two colours, creating a beautiful flawless shade. Our dyes are high in colour fastness and they create a rich hue. The depth of a colour depends on how long the fabric is dipped in a particular dye. The longer it is the darker it becomes. We give the...
Group: Knitwork dyeing
Hand embroidery work
Hand Embroidery Work is our forte and our speciality. We have clients all over the globe because of the quality hand made embroidery work that is done at Harsh Enterprises. We develop these hand embroideries with colourful threads, fancy Yarns, Semi-precious stones, beautiful colourful...
Group: Fancy-work and embroidery services
Home furnishing items
We have a fine selection of some of the most exquisite designs for Home Furnishing Items. Our patterns, designs, colours and fabrics are not just classy and smart but also add charm to any room they are used in. We have such a variety that our items can be used in any sort of ambience. Our fabrics...
Group: Textile Design of Interiors
Foil printing
Foil Printing looks attractive and appealing and is being increasingly used on fabric. We provide a wide range of fabrics for foil printing including 100 silk chiffon, silk georgette and silk satin. We strive hard to provide the best quality foil prints. Our R&D team ensures that we use the...
Group: Advertising printing
Floral flock printing
In this kind of Floral Flock Printing, the only difference is that the prints and colours are floral. Floral prints are most appropriate for flock printing because the patterns are small and flock printing is ideal for small prints. We ensure superior quality flock prints because we possess all the...
Group: Flocking (application of velvety coating)
Digital foil printing services
Digital Foil Printing Services creates a typically glossy, metallic sort of print. It comes in various colours these days, though in the olden times, golden and silver were the most common colours used for foil printing. We provide digital foil printing solutions. We possess the latest digital foil...
Group: Other polygraphic services
Home furnishing
We provide a huge range of designer Home Furnishings of all types. Our selection includes everything from simple to glamorous designer fabric furnishings, suitable for any sort of decor. Our work is always of the finest quality with amazing finish. We provide every type of home furnishings like bed...
Group: Design of interior


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